Looking for Permanent staff?

At Nurses direct, we understand that when you are running a busy establishment with lots of moving parts there is not always enough time in the day to send the right amount of time on the cv that you have revived let alone the checks that need to be done before the candidate starts with you to ensure that they have the correct experience for the role. This is why nurses direct are her to take the on this responsibility for you.

With our extensive experience within the healthcare and recruitment industry with will only send you the candidates that are best for the positions that you have available. All of the candidates have an interview with a member of our team so we have a better understanding of who these candidates are. Using our unique interview techniques and series of questions designed to gather the most information from the candidate.

If you would like to know more about the nurses direct team, please feel free to contact us on 01752 418400 or send us an email info@nursesdirectcare.com

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