Why Join Nurses Direct

Why Join Nurses Direct2024-06-10T15:17:49+00:00

Run by Nurses for Nurses

Nurses Direct was Founded in 2020, we believe in forging real relationships with our clients. The directors that work in our offices are actively still working within the healthcare industry, totalling over 26 years’ combined industry experience so we have a full, and real understanding of your individual business needs. We are a young and vibrant company based in Plymouth, Torquay and Cornwall with a proven and successful service strategy; this has enabled us to expand our service area.

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Pay Rates from 1st Of April 2024:

Nurses Senior Healthcare Assistants Healthcare Assistants
Day Shift Rate £23.50 + Holiday £14.50 + Holiday £12.00 + Holiday
Night Shift Rate £23.50 + Holiday £14.50 + Holiday £12.00 + Holiday
Weekend Day Rate £26.00 + Holiday  £14.50 + Holiday £13.00 + Holiday
Weekend Night Rate £26.00 + Holiday  £15.50 + Holiday £13.00 + Holiday

5 Key Attributes

At Nurses Direct we believe that our staff is the most important factor of our agency, this is why we stop at nothing to ensure that they have the best work life balance possible. In our eyes no issue is too small if there is a way that we can help you we will. From the start of your employment, you will feel like you are part of a team. We believe in 5 key attributes of our staff, these are Caring, Motivation, integrity, accountability, responsive.

1) CARING2021-02-11T14:16:38+00:00

Care, compassion, and empathy is at the heart of our philosophy. Our key values ensure that all members of staff care for and embrace a patient’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

2) MOTIVATION2021-02-11T14:17:36+00:00

By ensuring our working conditions, pay rates and employee perks are some of the best in the industry, our dedicated staff are always motivated to go the extra mile for the clients.

3) INTEGRITY2021-02-11T14:19:54+00:00

We ensure that our passionate nursing staff act honestly, ethically & morally and do what is necessary under our code of conduct to align our beliefs, words and actions.

4) ACCOUNTABILITY2021-02-11T14:20:59+00:00

We take responsibility for ourselves and our actions when our staff care for patients. Honesty, transparency, and accountability are key tributes we hold dear.

5) RESPONSIVE2021-02-11T14:22:12+00:00

A value which underpins our whole existence as a company – our ability to always remain responsive and flexible.

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Our Team

With Elisa always on hand to guide you through your onboarding process, to ensure if there are any issues or something you don’t quite understand then she is there to help you. Elisa will be your main contact if you have to renew your training to ensure that you are getting everything that you need to pass the courses. We also offer a finder fee when you bring more team members or clients please speak to Elisa to find out more. If you have any queries please feel free to contact Elisa at elisa@nursesdirectcare.com

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